Achieve by Breathing

Breathing. It’s what keeps us alive. I would even go so far as to say that ‘the one who keeps breathing, stays in control.’ If we have a think about it; being in control of your breathing, means being in control of your emotions, thoughts and actions.


How many times have you been caught up in the moment and done things you regretted or given up when you probably know you could have done better? I’d say a lot of the time, not being in control of your breathing had a lot to do with it.

So let’s apply it to a few things and see if you agree.

1. Arguments 


Let’s start with arguments. Not the constructive criticism arguments; the ones which leads to a dramatic storm off and no sex for a week. My assessment is if both sides had focused on their breathing (in most cases, deep breathing), things might not have got so heated and may have been solved before they got this far. The brain thrives on oxygen, so if it’s not getting its regular supply you’re probably going to have a reduced capacity to see reason.

2. Sports and exercise in general


This one is easy. Ask any fitness buff (I’m sure you all have that friend) about it and I’m sure they will agree; half the workout is getting your breathing into a rhythm (the other half is checking yourself out in the mirror). My own personal experience says that I can lift more and run further if I concentrate on controlling my breathing. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

3. Sleeping


This one is an interesting one. I’ve found that you are only able to sleep when you can ‘switch your mind off.’ This is usually easy to achieve when you are exhausted. However, on those nights that you toss and turn for hours on end thinking about if Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ is really about Harry Styles, trying controlling your breathing. I’ve found that during a deep breath, it’s actually hard to think. Repeatedly doing this, will break the thought constant thought process that is causing all those neurons to fire and will help to slow your mind down, eventually allowing your mind to ‘switch off’ and you to fall asleep.

4. Feeling under pressure or overwhelmed


How many times has someone asked you to taking a deep breath when they see you panicking? Just like getting caught in the heat of an argument, pressure and a sense of feeling overwhelmed generally occurs when something triggers a reaction from you such that you disrupt your breathing pattern. Getting back control of your breathing (starting with a deep breath) is the best way forward. Once you’ve managed this, you can start waging war on the issue.

5. Containing excitement


I think we all naturally try to breathe deeply when we try to contain our excitement and tell ourselves to ‘relax.’ However, is it possible that we overdo this and therefore provide too much oxygen to our brain? My science may be slightly off but I’m going to say that this is generally true. After all, when you are mid deep breath the mind is clear and movement is limited. As such, if you repeatedly breathe deeply, your movements become unnatural and there’s not enough time between breaths to construct a clear series of thoughts. This becomes very noticeable (even if you think you are keeping it impossibly cool). Hence, if such a case was to occur, consider something like clenching your fist in a pulsing motion. Doing this at constant rate will help you regulate your breathing pattern and bring you back to ‘normal.’

NUCq9The more you think about it, the more it becomes clearer that controlling your breathing will ensure that you can stay in control. As you start to think and become more aware of this, you should be able to find ‘tricks’ or ‘shortcuts’ to help you regain control of your breathing in different situations. The calmer you are, the more you will achieve.

Happy breathing!



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