The Cupboard is Shut

Today I want to propose a way of explaining how we conduct ourselves.

Everyone has a cupboard which remains open whilst they care. The longer the cupboard stays open the more productive we are and the more we potentially can achieve. However, at some point in the day, week, month, year etc, there will come a point where you just stop, snap and no longer give a f*Ck. At this point the phrase ‘your cupboard is shut’ is coined. By this, I mean you put all the f*cks that you once gave in a metaphorical cupboard and then shut the doors.


I find this interesting as everyone’s cupboard will shut at different times. The challenge for you is to identify and understand how to reopen them. Success at reopening someone’s ‘cupboard’ is a unique skill which will help you in the long run.

Consider the following types of people.

The Lazy Person


This lazy person’s cupboard is always shut and probably has never been opened. They usually have a great ability to delegate and never take responsibility for their own actions. Unlocking this person’s cupboard is a tricky task as this person is usually quite sensitive to criticism. Consider understanding what makes them tick. Find out the things that motivate them and you may find their cupboard is quite easy to unlock. Just never underestimate the value of the lazy person.

The Alpha


The alpha’s cupboard is often a revolving door. It can shut the moment they’ve either got their way or presented their point of view. A common characteristic is the ability to always think they are right or at least think their opinion is more important. If this occurs, they often disregard everyone else’s opinion. Fortunately, because the alpha’s cupboard shuts so easily, it’s relatively straight forward to get it to reopen. Just remember that fighting fire with fire may get you burned. However, letting the alpha scream until there’s only smoke left may give you a unique opportunity to strike during a moment of weakness and smash the lock on their cupboard. Just remember, they will probably want revenge..

The Social Climber


The social climber is a very predictable self-centered individual. If you know one of these kinds of people, you will know that their cupboards only open for ‘special occasions’ and for short periods of time. It can often be frustrating being around this kind of person as you know when their cupboard will open and it will be for selfish reasons. As such, there’s two beneficial ways to handle them. The first one is to treat them as ‘toxic’ and therefore distance yourself from them. The second is to leverage off their ability to be thick skinned. Use this as a unique opportunity to find out information, meet the ‘right’ kind of people and most importantly keep them close even if you truly resent them. After all, ‘better the enemy you know, than the enemy you do not.’

The Hard Worker


The hard worker is an interesting person, as their cupboard stays open longer than anyone else’s. You may find that instead of having to unlock their cupboard, you have to get them to shut it from time to time, in order to save them from a meltdown sometime down the track. It’s very easy to overlook the hard worker as they are often rather quiet and unassuming. This shouldn’t make them any less important on your ring of keys. So remember to be caring as much as you are a political battler.


No matter how well you can unlock a shut cupboard, one thing is more important than anything else –  The ability to understand your own cupboard. There’s a saying that you should ‘get your own house in order before preaching to the choir.’ I think cupboards are one such instance where this applies.



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