Cashed Up Idiots

Today’s piece is another sarcasm rant. I was originally inspired by one of my favourite blogs ‘The Hate Locker‘ which has now sadly disappeared. I have no idea who he/she was, but who ever you are, you have pretty much captured what is wrong with society.

Anyway today I’d like to talk about dealing with ‘cashed up idiots.’ I’m surprised my mate (the hate locker) didn’t rant about this. In any case I’ll try to do it justice.


So ‘cashed up idiots.’ They are what makes the world go round – (read Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick). It’s simple economics. When there is excess money, people will invariably become stupid with it.

Honest work is honest work and I for one would not say no to being overpaid. However, without getting borderline self righteous, nothing gets me more riled up than a cashed up idiot that throws their money (or daddy’s money) around and has no idea why they are spending that much money. Sure drop the cash if you have it but at least have some detailed knowledge about the product. Otherwise you really are that idiot.


One of my best mates (love him to death) severely suffers from this. Everything is either amazing or really shit. When asked why he thinks that, the standard response is ‘because it is.’ Case, match and point. So because something is good, ‘because it is,’ we should all stop we are doing and follow you? I think not.


However, he’s still not as bad as the cashed up idiot that is chasing a passing fad. I get that nothing is more important than developing your own identify, but mindless conforming to ‘the man,’ is not the answer (I really hope you see the irony here). All it’s doing is making some executives out there richer and we can be sure they don’t give a damn about you. Consider, getting the ‘essentials’ in order (you can find my thoughts here) before you go chasing the something to get you noticed.


Finally, there’s also the cashed up idiot that thinks people will only like them because of their possessions. I’m not really sure which kind of person is more irritating. However, for this kind of person I have a full proof plan. Essentially whenever this person, gets into their bragging ‘I have this and that’ mood, start asking really obscure questions. Nothing makes me happier than the satisfaction of seeing the back pedaling shown by said person when they don’t know the answer to ‘what is the optimum psi for the tyres on your new Porsche?’ Or ‘what grade of rubber do they use on the windscreen wipers?’

And what if on the off chance they do? I tip my hat to them and say ‘you win this round!’


PS: For the record, I actually find Scott Disick very entertaining. Here’s a few more amusing pictures.





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