I Drive A Golf

It really makes me sad when I feel negatively towards a product because of the people that use it. Normally, this doesn’t bother me because I never really liked the product in the first place (As per my sarcasm series: Favourite Luxury Items – Part 1, Part 2). Yet, when it is a product that I identify with (and in some cases; wanted to place it on my wishlist – Part 1, Part 2), it’s all kinds of depressing.


Lately this product has taken the form of the Volkswagen Golf GTI. For awhile now, I’ve always thought that this would be the first car I would buy when I finally take the plunge and get myself a set of wheels. There’s no denying that this car is a great set of wheels (you don’t have to look very hard to find award winning reviews). However, I find it very discouraging  when certain users start creating a bad stigma towards a great product.


So before I get into the nitty gritty of what’s bugging me, let’s set the boundaries for my rant. I have no problem with the following:

  1. The hipster driving the vintage 1980s or late 90’s hand me down golf – you guys are alright, for now)
  2. The chick driving the stereotypical chick car (you could also include the Polo into this category) – I may rant about the Lorna Jane wearing yoga enthusiast at some point in the future.
  3. The middle aged couple or young family wanting a stylish ‘Hot Hatch’
  4. There’s probably a few more examples which I can’t think of at this point in time.

The people, I do have a problem with are the 20-30 year old demographic who are essentially overcompensating for something and unnecessarily trying to prove something to the world. This is because of the following reason:

The Volkswagen Golf GTI (or any golf for that matter) is not a C Class nor a 3 Series.


If you drove one of the aforementioned cars I would excuse you from this rant as those cars (or any car above them) are ‘made it’ cars (i.e. you buy them with the intention of showing off). For me (probably an ignorant view in itself), the golf is essentially, a car for you to feel your independence (albeit with a little bit of luxury). It is not a show off car for you to pretend like you’ve made it and blow thousands of dollars every night on strippers and cocaine. Also, for this demographic, you will eventually be wanting to trade up once the euphoria is over so you can’t use the excuse that its a car for a lifetime (the one argument i find acceptable).


This is why it really riles me up, when an increasing number of people tethering on the douche bag line seem to be snapping these fine vehicles up when they encounter their first few years of salary. Sure, when you go from $10-$20k per year whilst working part time through uni to $60k + during your first few years of working life, you would definitely feel like Floyd Mayweather after a 30 minute fight. However, when chasing a look at me stunt, all you are doing is deluding yourself, when you are probably still in debt from your student loans, still live at home and have no real accomplishments to their name. Please note, having a golf does not excuse your ignorant arrogance, nor does it make any one (other than similar misguided individuals) think more highly of you. All you’ve done is overpaid for the wrong reasons and will likely repeat the same mistake again in 10 years years time when you attempt to buy that ‘good taste’ Mercedes whilst wearing your bad taste $600 Givenchy t-shirt.


Hipsters are the most conforming non conformers and above this all they are trying to do is prove something to someone (my cynical view of life). For me the golf is starting to become the hipster ‘vintage’ repainted front basket bike  for the 20 something year old trying to find their way in the corporate environment. Where as, initially, the basket bike was a symbol for freedom and individuality, and the golf was for someone who wanted to reward themselves with some luxury without the stigma of a 3 series, they both now resemble over compensation and a conforming non conformer. I’ll get over it but I’m disappointed that I no longer have the confidence to go out and get myself that golf.



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