It’s been awhile since I’ve got to participate in the ideas presented in my ‘Fun Things to do at Fancy Restaurants‘ post. Fortunately the wait is over as I recently visited Dinner by Heston in Melbourne.

In the same order as the aforementioned post, let’s go through the list of things to do:

1. Become a Food Critic of Side Dishes


The mashed potato was interesting. The start of your palate experiences an extremely smooth mouthful packed with flavour. Yet whilst most would expect the body to melt away in your mouth, this mash provided a firm mouthful as if it had never been mashed. Could be due to a variety of potato with a higher starch content but I’m not a potato expert. The palate ends with a rich buttery finish. Solid effort one would expect of such a restaurant but it won’t knock the mash at EST. off the top spot on my list.

On a more serious note, I’ve never been a fan of liver. That is until I tried the meat fruit. It’s their signature dish and the taste is out of this world.

2. Take Your Photos Immediately


For the price you’re paying you’re entitled to take as many as you want. As such, I got straight into it as each opportunity arose. Above and below are a few of mine. I didn’t use a go pro this time but I’ll live.

3. People Watch


Nothing much to report here. The general people on show were actually a little bit neutral. There were the usual stereotypes (I promise I won’t be racist or homophobic in case the venue backlashes like the Beaufort – see my previous post; ‘We’re all Horrible.’), which included:

  • An awkward family where one member was always late to each round of cheers.
  • The usual assortment of couples on a date/celebratory occasion
  • A few groups that probably belong to a WAGs club (please don’t say this is sexist)
  • One drunk guy (i’m guessing he was a lawyer) who was trying to use his legal knowledge to convince the waitress why he should be allowed to operate the nitrogen gelato station.

In any case, the most interesting people were probably the wait staff who were surprisingly chill and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Hats off to them and ask for a somm called Hugo for an entertaining dining experience.

4. Make Up a Compelling Back Story


A friend put in a kind word prior to our arrival so this wasn’t quite needed. Needless to say it had an impact as we were seated in a prime booth and a round of drinks were on offer. The cider gimlet is a must try if you’re into something boozy.

Overall, it was a delightful dining experience. I was looked after very generously by the wait staff who still managed to have a sense of charisma and charm through the meal. Will be back.



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