Things I want to say “Yes” to

The start of 2016 is essentially the time for you to make new years resolutions and etc etc. Cliche is cliche but it does have it’s uses. I feel it is important because as I enter the 2nd year of my quarter life crisis, 2016 brings to light an interesting quandary; one I find quite troubling.


The reason for these feelings is that 2016 brings a year of no obvious obtainable accomplishment or experiences. Until now, each year essentially had a predetermined outcome such that all you had to do was go from A to B (although sometimes they included detours ranging from C to Z). I could wallow in my shallow first world problem and continue to bitch and moan until I no wants to read any of this but even I’m already over reading this thread.

So reflecting on 2015 and what it meant for this space (1500 views from shares to about odd 30 people – I want to give you an appreciate round of applause); the four most popular posts were as follows (click on the links if you want to relive these posts).

1. The Gym Mindset

2. The Sweetest Thing

3. Travelling for the First Time

4. I Drive a Golf


What this tells me is that people want two things; to escape reality whilst bringing those above us down a peg or two. And frankly I’d have to agree. I’m a twenty something kid, wanting to live a lifestyle I can’t yet afford. Which is why I too take great delight in anything allowing/creating an escape from reality.


So moving back to the beginning of this post and wanting to make an attempt at gaining some direction for 2016, below are my 5 things I want to say “yes” to this year as I try to forge daydreams into reality:

1. Attend the Australian Open (likelihood of success: 10/10 – I’ve already bought my ticket).

2. Attend the F1 Race in Melbourne (likelihood of success: 7/10 – I’m essentially living in Melbourne these days).

3. Spend at least a week in the snow (likelihood of success: 7/10 – Should be reasonably achievable).

4. Get my scuba diving license (likelihood of success: 4/10 – Will need some dedication to make this achievable).

5. Figure out how to turn this blog into a palatable video platform (likelihood of success: 2/10 – It’s going to take some hard work but the self reward will be worth it).


I think the point of finding a combination of achievable and not so easily achievable things you want to do is because happiness breeds success. Everything you do (no matter how big or small) can compound and amalgamate from a pile of single snowballs into the award winning snowman that is our reality. The point here is a snowball has so many uses (usually with a ‘fun’ connotation). For the majority of us living in a funk of first world problems, by continually tapping into our healthy supply of snowballs, 2016 can be the next step of turning a daydream into a reality.


And if all else fails, maybe just take some advice from Michael Scott.



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