Filling the Void

As some of you might know, I like to collect things but I’m very picky about it. This need to collect things stretches from shortlisting designers from whom I will covert items, to making a top 3 of who I place on a pedestal and allow anything they say to be ‘law.’

Now that’s fashion

I was always interested in what Steve Jobs had to say but despite the world wide acclaim he obtained from the masses, he never made it into my ‘top 3.’ I think my interest was by and large, wanting to observe and analyse the hysteria created every time he spoke as opposed to what was actually spoken.

It was fun to watch the masses say:

Sadly, with his passing I was denied this favourite pass time and I felt slightly empty. That was until the world settled on a new person to fill the ‘closest thing to a god’ void vacated by arguably the most iconic turtleneck wearer of all time. You can find the reason he did that here (Reason why Jobs wore turtlenecks).

maxresdefault (9)

This need to always have a chosen few who transcend us in science, technology and everyday life meant that it wasn’t long before their stories, histories and backgrounds were released for public consumption. It is with this ease of access that allowed me to receive the authorised biography of Elon Musk as a gift and after reading it I have to say I’m converted.


I get his message. It resonates with me. The same way apple fans connected with Jobs. The same way they probably never will with Tim Cook. It’s hard to justify knocking someone when you don’t know much about them. Yet, where Jobs and Musk are pulling you in a direction of purpose, Cook’s leadership seems to follow the Samsung model with the benefit of an Apple logo on it.


What do I mean by this? He’ll keep the money men happy with super profits delivering products which are all about market share and not the innovative game changing progression which defined Jobs (i.e he’ll never be the great narcissist that is the trademark of all game changers). He’s probably actually more God of gluttony at this point.

So getting back onto topic, whilst I never really identified with Jobs, reading Musk’s autobiography has struck a chord with me. Does it make me want to join his space X program? No it doesn’t. However, in the same way Apple fanatics would say ‘in Jobs we trust,’ I feel a high level of comfort knowing about and hearing from someone who has similar ideals as me. After all there’s a reason Robert Downey Jr, modelled his character Tony Stark (Aka Iron Man) after the man.

You don’t have to be into your Space X, Telsa, and/or PayPal to identify with Musk and therein lies the benefit. Give it a read and see if you agree.



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