#Squad Goals

To use a pop culture reference, it goes without saying that Kanye West and Taylor Swift currently define the term #Squadgoals (which is why High Snobiety says they are one and the same – link here). There’s also no denying the benefits having famous BFFs bring to the table. After all, much like a successful business relies on its staff to realise the dreams of its leaders, we can only truly shine if we have the ‘right’ people around to elevate us.


Staying on the subject of Yeezy and T. Swizzle for just a little bit longer; if you bothered reading the link above (or you’re just that up to date with your celebrity news), then you would know that the only difference between Kanye and Taylor is the small manner of public perception. Put simply, one is a role model and one is not.


Now for my 2 cents. I used to hate the term ‘role model.’ To me role models were goody two shoe people who I didn’t think I identified with. As such, I didn’t have role models. I had people I thought were cool. The irony of a 16 year old kid’s perception.

Interestingly, even to this day, the idea of a ‘role model’ still doesn’t quite sit right with me. In my defence, apparently males don’t fully mature until they reach 28-30 so maybe I can excuse such ‘childish’ thinking, given my tender young age of 26.


However, what I do know is it doesn’t matter who or who is not a role model; more so its identifying the reasons why we look up to a person. After all, the whole point of a ‘role model’ is to give us some direction of what our own self worth could be. So to drop another pop culture references and connect role models to #squadgoals, let’s embrace a quote from Mr Shaun Carter who said:

I’m not a business man. I’m a business, man!

It’s worth mentioning that unless you’re Jay Z, such a quote is cheesy as f*ck. However, ignoring the fact that Jay Z and Beyonce are just as big egomaniacs as Yeezus himself (which is why they probably need each other), we must acknowledge the very important functions Jay and Bey perform as Mr. West’s role models/squad members. If the point of a role model holds true, then this confirms the importance of having the ‘right’ people around us (i.e. getting your #squad right).


As I eluded to in my previous post (The Happiness Equilibrium), the older we get, the harder and faster things seem to get. With the pace of life quickening, we no longer have as much time for stand alone role models. Therefore, we have to get more efficient and take a leaf from Bey and Tay and make sure that our squad comprises friends who can perform the role model/squad member double.


I feel like I’ve started to rant, so to summarise; I’m not preaching the usual commentary that tells us that we need to rid ourselves of toxic people because that would be selling yourself short. What I am suggesting is that our #squad should consist of people who’s strengths are our insecurities and weaknesses. They should be people who can guide us through things we don’t understand; people who are in a similar boat and with whom we can bounce ideas off; and most importantly, people who will insult us to our face, yet spread our gospel in public.


On the flip-side, only going for brilliance has it’s dangers. I’ve mentioned previously in Large Standard Deviations the issue with certain types of ‘brilliant’ people. Fortunately, we aren’t all blessed with super best friend clubs where people apply to be a part of our entourage (10 points if you can guess who I’m referring to). What this means then is that it would be careless of us to discount a person just because of their standard deviation.

The same goes for any new friends we may think we have acquired as we strive to obtain the ‘right’ people around us. In the movie ‘The Social Network’, Sean Parker (played by Justin Timberlake) says to Mark Zuckerburg (Jesse Einesberg):


A: A billion dollars.

A billion dollars is indeed cool and having friends who can get you there can is definitely appealing. Just keep in mind that this is the same guy that eventually gets Zuckerburg to sell out his only friend.


In conclusion, #squadgoals play a huge part in the success we have. Our ability to surround ourselves with the ‘right’ blend of role models/squad members is what determines how quickly we can achieve our goals. Therefore, it’s imperative to block out the noise around us and give our all to our #squad. Achieving this, is achieving #squadgoals and being like Kanye and Tay Tay (or better yet, the cast of Friends).


P.S. In case you are not entirely up to date with everything going on in the Kanye and Taylor sphere, here’s the Rolling Stone’s breakdown of Kanye and Taylor’s feud. Consider yourself educated.

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