Consistency and Dependibility

When it comes to just about anything, new and exciting are great. Yet this means nothing without the constants in your life. For clothes these constants could represent your excellence centre. For food, I don’t have a nice encapsulating name but there are still a number of food places which I use as my measuring stick.


Like most people, I enjoy going out for a good feed. However, I’m quite specific where I would go to find certain food or drink. My travels and living out of a suitcase has resulted in me eating out 3 meals a days, 7 days a week for over a year now such that I really appreciate my dining experience as much as the food itself.  I’m also quite picky when it comes to food and this gives me a clearer thought process about why I prefer the places that I do.


Now arguably a home cooked meal is the best dining experience because of the because of the intimacy of the dining experience.  However, this is not always an option for everyone. So whilst there may be better places when judging purely on the food, these are my go to places in Adelaide because of the consistency and dependability of their standards.

A Mother’s milk

Instagram credits to @jiantbaby

This place is pretty much at the top of my list whenever I return to Adelaide. There’s plenty of pulled pork choices out there. However, what keeps me coming back to A Mother’s Milk is the consistency of the service and dependability of their pulled pork bun. Menu’s come and go but this dish has been a staple for quite a number of years now. New places can always be a risk or a passing fad, so I take great comfort that I can show up and get what I expect.

On a side note, apparently smashed avo is going out of fashion. I’m not sure why this would be the case but if you don’t believe the hype, the smashed avo deserves an honourable mention.

E’nuf Burger

My biggest peeves about burgers are two things; places that shove too much inside such that the heat and flavour ratios don’t match and places that do this correctly, but don’t have good consistency in their product.

Let me give you an example. There are a number of burger places in SA that would comfortably sit in the Top 5 burger joints. However, if the venue gets even remotely busy, there is a high probability that you may be served something that would struggle to crack the Top 20. I’m not sure what the reason for this is but if you compare it to a half decent restaurant (as upmarket gourmet burgers regularly pretend to be), the wait staff at said restaurants seem to be much better equipped at running a kitchen than the ‘cool kids’ working at the hip burger bar.


So the solution? There’s one place I haven’t been disappointed at yet. This place is E’Nuf Burger. My last visit showed that the venue has started to get a lot busier than when I first started coming here. It was pleasing that this increase in foot traffic has still allowed the standards to be maintained. My favourite here is the drunken lamb burger so if you are after a consistently great burger I suggest you give them a try.

Queen St Cafe

Bacon is another type of food that can sometimes divide opinion. However, for the picky people like me, I am constantly disappointed by the bacon I am served at many of Adelaide’s notable brunch places. Places noted for mushrooms seem incapable of serving a decent side of bacon; you know the soggy and stringy kind. Maybe it’s because the chef’s vegan, and therefore all meat is murder. However, seriously if you promise crispy bacon, I damn well expect the fatty bacon edge to come out crunchy like french fries. This is because, if it’s done correctly it is probably one of gods greatest gifts to the human race.


Which now brings me to where you can find such a gift. The Queen St Cafe in Croydon consistently delivers on this promise. Their BLT contains crispy, crunchy bacon goodness and I envisage that the other items on the menu would provide a similar level of bacon goodness. If you appreciate good bacon, look no further. Overall taste, speed of service and relative short waiting queues times are all a big plus.

Bar 9 

For most people, going for coffee is more about the outing than actually going for a good coffee. Fortunately in Adelaide, let alone Australia, there is generally a highly developed coffee culture. As such, we are spoilt when it comes to the base level of coffee that is served to us.


I’m not a coffee connoisseur, so my quality definitions go a little something like this:

1. Shit house – i.e. glorified dish water

2. Average – i.e. too weak, milky or way too hot

3. Best – Strong, velvety and the right temperature

4. Too far – i.e. it’s bitter

These definitions should be rather self explanatory. However, what separates the men from the boys is the abilities of the barista to walk the fine line between that great, strong coffee flavour (i.e. definition number 3) and all out bitterness (i.e. definition 4). Hopefully, an experienced barista will be able to confirm this statement; the best baristas can get extremely close to this fine line without ever crossing it. Many places err on the side of caution and you end up with something that’s too milky, weak or way too hot (i.e. A 1 or 2). As such for a well balanced, strong coffee, my pick (again for their consistency) is Bar 9. The food’s rather average (mushroom ragu may be the exception); but this is where I go for coffee.

Like every post contained in this blog, I’ve really tried to offered reasons for why you should buy, taste or experience something other than following the fad decided by the misinformed rich kid. I hope this helps and I’ll include a few more places over the coming weeks.



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