Half Year Review

With the first half of 2016 now complete, I reviewed my 2016 ‘resolutions’ post – ‘Things I want to say yes to‘ and found the following:

1. Attend the Australian Open (Achieved – although I missed out on Federer).


2. Attend the F1 Race in Melbourne (Achieved).


3. Spend at least a week in the snow (Partially achieved – Ski trip to Korea booked for Jan 2017).


4. Get my scuba diving license (Missed opportunity – Probably could have done this during my trip to Sri Lanka).


5. Figure out how to turn this blog into a palatable video platform (No progress made).


It’s been an interesting year so far, I’ve achieved somethings I intended on doing as well as some that were not expected. However, what I haven’t done as well as I would have liked is connecting and communicating as I started to find myself living in an isolated environment. A change in jobs and a move back to Adelaide helped to alter this reality and therefore, I’m optimistic for the rest of 2016.

There’s a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt which goes like this:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Perceptions and the confidence to accomplish things definitely revolve around the people who are around you. As I reevaluate and add to my goals/achievements for 2016, I’ll still continue to chase experiences but maybe with more of an aim towards self development. That being said, here are my 5 things I want to say “yes”to for the rest of 2016;

6. Figure out how to turn this blog into a palatable video platform (Likelihood of success 4/10).

This blog was never about getting viral or ‘earning’ money through endorsing products – although I have flirted with the idea. It’s intent was to gain the confidence to discuss points of view and help to harden a soft skin in the face of criticism. Clarity and direction are the final pieces of this puzzle which probably will only become more apparent once I remove the keyboard and put a face to the words. This will be the next step along this journey.

7. Get the iPhone 7 (10/10)

I once flirted with the idea of getting a galaxy. Never again. That being said the day I get a Macbook gets even so closer. If windows doesn’t get its sh*t together soon, I’m going to have no choice.

8. Take a flying lesson (3/10)

I love the feeling on the air rushing past you when you’re driving a drop top or weaving down a ski slope. I get a similar level of excitement when sitting in a chopper or a 4 seater plane. I imagine it would be that much more exciting with the controls in your hands which is why it has made the list. The stars might need to align nicely to make this one happen.

9. Complete a backflip (6/10)

Between the ages of 16-21, I was obsessed with all things to do with hip-hop/break dancing, including back-flips. An ill fated attempt where I landed on my head shot my mental confidence such that I now only feel comfortable doing a back-flip into a swimming pool. The skills are skill there, so I think I just have to bite the bullet and go for it.

10. Stay at the Ritz Carlton (4/10)

The Ritz Carlton is one of the few hotel chains which is still truly 5 star. Much like the phrase ‘I want to be a millionaire’ is slightly outdated; so to is the trusty star rating system. These days most 5 star hotels have seen better days and it actually feels more like a visit to Grandma’s house as opposed to 5 star luxury. The challenge now is to find a city which actually has one of these babies.

My second half of 2016 is now set. Let’s get started.


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