Standing in the Shower

The clearest ideas often come from standing in the shower. Similar to how checking social media while sitting on the toilet seem to go hand in hand, breakthrough moments of clarity while taking a relaxing shower, appears to be a match made in heaven.

Steve Job’s greatest gift to mankind was to exponentially increase the time people spent high on pot (pun intended – poorly).

These timely moments of clarity are also a great reminder progression and achievement all start with small potentially insignificant episodes which when built upon, allow you to execute as a champion.

With this in mind, the shower is then an ample place for plotting world domination; the reason being the safe and secure vulnerability you subject yourself to, often creates the right balance required to figure things out.

No problem is too big for the shower.

After all, a calm mind is a smart mind generally speaking. And while there are many ways to achieve this through the likes of meditation etc, the thought of having to cram or sacrifice another task into an already hectic day, doesn’t sound all that appealing. Which then means the real benefits lie in being able to do more with the time already allocated to daily tasks without having to sacrifice to make time. As such, there really isn’t a better everyday place which provides such an opportune moment for clarity to work out some hard truths or set a plan in motion.

This would have been great if it had happened instead of just announcing Ben Affleck.

Shower time is also great for reflection. This is the first post for about 6 months. I’ve recently been considering why I stopped writing. Part of me felt content to walk away as I felt I had already achieved what I wanted – the navigation through a frustrating period where I felt stuck in limbo and wanted a satisfying way out.

This was an interesting period as it took me on a journey through disgruntled sarcasm (how to dress cool), opportunities to offer advice and opinions (the happiness equilibrium), as well as a chance to document ‘success’ (the sweetest thing), and outline plans for the future (things I want to say yes to). Interestingly, I have now really begun to notice how the momentum felt about 3-4 months ago has grinded to a halt.

#just-shower-thoughts shows the power of the shower

I still apply the lessons learnt over the last two years, but maybe without the stronger conviction achieved through physically writing out an opinion or plan which then gets essentially ripped up multiple times through re-writes until it resembles something better thought out and able to withstand scrutiny.

Given this space is still in its infancy with so much potential still to explore, it could be incredibly short sighted to feel content and satisfied so soon. So as the comfort brought about by Christmas and New Year’s starts to fade away, now is an opportune time to make and execute some basic steps for 2017.

Pretty much the story of my word counts

Expect the posts to start rolling in again and I’ll try to keep them to about 500 words (as 2017 is already showing time is only going to get more and more precious for all).

This is the start of Phase 2. Enjoy



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