From looking through my facebook feed, it seems most people appear to have their life in order (or at least a plan – in some shape or form). If it’s not a recently purchased house, it’s an engagement/wedding. Else it’s a graduation or the latest in a line of enviable holidays. This suggests to me that many people are well and truly embarking on their ‘Phase 2.’

Challenges of Phase 2 arise from not having control over the answer to this question.

Unfortunately, the main challenge I’ve noticed with Phase 2 success is having to accept that natural talent on its own is not enough, nor will it ever be. This can be a funny feeling when you know your progression is now in the hands of others. Fortunately, one thing you still have control over is the steps you take in between these moments of judgement.

There was a meme which connected the points in this post but I didn’t save it when I had the chance. Now I can’t find it and this is the best I can do

I’ll now divert slightly here and introduce the main topic for this post; Enablers – and then explain why they are so important during Phase 2. Put simply, enablers are the gateway to the best things in the world. Without them, nothing gets done, levels of achievement are not fully realised, and the world would essentially be a slightly sadder place. Based on this short description, I think it’s clear where this post may be going…

Basically, the meme I wanted to use to connect this post was a gym analogy showing the difference in muscle gains based on regular diet (i.e natural talent), supplements and drugs (i.e. two different types of enablers)

In a world of unlimited desires, there will always be enablers who are the equivalent of hard drugs; fast, fun but eventually they cause you to crash and burn. That being said, they can sometimes be incredibly useful in small doses or if you need a quick pick me up. The key is to know when their time is up.


Conversely, enablers who are the equivalent of supplements are ideally the kind to look for. I think it’s generally accepted that to even be remotely competitive at the highest levels of sport, supplements are going to be involved. This is why I find it interesting this doesn’t appear to be as readily adopted when it comes to enablers.

Using every moment to multi-task has its benefits

Funnily enough, I’ve recently encountered a number of times where this was all too apparent. The last few months have seen me reconnect with a number of people I haven’t seen in years. Naturally, once the surface level pleasantries were completed, we began reminiscing about the past and it was in these conversations, I began to recall how some of these people used to be my key enablers. As I dwelled on this thought for a bit longer, it became really interesting to see which ones I considered supplements, which ones were drugs, and which ones had switched sides.


In summary, what I concluded about these encounters was that enablers are always around; however it’s up to you to determine their use. Some might consider it unacceptable to ‘use’ their friends in this way but I think it’s quite hard to call something a true friendship if it’s not mutually beneficial; including when it comes to enabling success.

That being said, this ramble of a post has helped me connect another dot along my Phase 2 journey of becoming a ‘somebody.’ I hope it’s helped you to, even if its just the simple fact success is never straight forward.

See you at the next post.



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