Which is More Important, Gender Equality or Diversity?

I’ve written this post to question whether I’m being overly sensitive or right in taking a hard stance in the face of adversity. Gender equality and diversity are currently the two biggest social challenges being tackled by industry. This is something I thoroughly support and believe is a long overdue correction which is necessary in all walks of life. Notably, my observations from scrolling through sources … Continue reading Which is More Important, Gender Equality or Diversity?

Developing Cornerstones

I recently finished watching the HBO show Westworld. I have to comment on what an emotional journey it was. With its many plot twists, this show was as captivating as it was great at projecting key messages. Also the fact this was accomplished as a Western – a genre I’m generally not a fan of, is quite remarkable. Warning: This post contains major spoilers from the show. … Continue reading Developing Cornerstones

No Substitutes

There’s a scene in Good Will Hunting (which many people would be familiar with), where Robin Williams (R.I.P) says to Matt Damon (whole scene here): “..if I asked you about art, you’d probably give me the skinny on every art book ever written. Michelangelo, you know a lot about him. Life’s work, political aspirations, him and the pope, sexual orientations, the whole works, right? But … Continue reading No Substitutes

The Happiness Equilibrium

Everyone knows that as we get older, life gets infinitely more complicated. With each ‘milestone’ comes another dimension which gives rise to another set of situations where the decisions you make, will ultimately leave us feeling compromised and not entirely happy. However, if you can follow and achieve what I am going to dub The Happiness Equilibrium, you may just be able to escape this fate. So … Continue reading The Happiness Equilibrium

The Three C’s

After my holiday arc and a book review, I thought it would be nice to delve back into a personal development and/or career post. For many people, finding the ‘right’ job is always a struggle. If you’re like me and have ever wondered if you’re in the right job, consider the idea of the three C’s. I found this to be a simple yet effective way to … Continue reading The Three C’s

The 70 Percent Profit

This post is the result of a discussion I had with a new graduate at my company. His issue was that he couldn’t understand why a less than optimal solution was provided to a client, even though he was thoroughly capable of providing a better one. By now you’ve probably figured out that I have many theories on things, so obviously I was interested to … Continue reading The 70 Percent Profit