How to Find Value in an $800 Pair of Shoes

Generally speaking I think it’s fair to say most things are affordable if they are purchased individually without comparison to any opportunity cost. By this I mean dropping $1,000 is relatively easy if there were no other obligations or desires (I think I may have said something similar previously in another post). This only becomes a challenge when forced to choose and compromise how to … Continue reading How to Find Value in an $800 Pair of Shoes

The Wishlist 3

It’s been awhile since I did one of these, probably because I haven’t finished acquiring everything from Wishlist 1 and Wishlist 2. Anyway there’s a number of items I’ve upgraded to a buy rating over the coming months. 11. Louis Vuitton Monogram Gradient Scarf I’ve decided an update to my scarf game is in order. As such, I’ve selected this navy monogram scarf from Louis … Continue reading The Wishlist 3

The Secret to Buying Clothes

Clothes are one of the simplest ways of expressing ourselves. In most cases these expressions revolve around sentiments such as freedom, success or individuality. Yet, if both of these statements are true, then why do we all have purchases we regret? In many cases, the answer probably includes the phrase ‘because it was on sale.’ This is where we have made our first mistake. The simple reason … Continue reading The Secret to Buying Clothes

Sale Optimisation

Boxing Day or realistically any other designated sale day is often a great time to add to your wardrobe. However, despite the obvious benefits that you could potentially realise, there are many reasons why you would want to avoid this time of year all together. With all the crowds who push, shove and have no regard for personal space, it makes sense why one would not … Continue reading Sale Optimisation

The Wish List 2

Seeing as it’s getting colder, my thoughts turn to what items I would like to help keep me warm this winter. As such I think it’s perfectly apt that this post mainly revolves around jackets and coats. I’m still unsure about some of these items but nevertheless let’s discuss them. 6. Coach Leather Jacket – Alternative acquired I’ve wanted to get a leather jacket for … Continue reading The Wish List 2