Consistency and Dependibility

When it comes to just about anything, new and exciting are great. Yet this means nothing without the constants in your life. For clothes these constants could represent your excellence centre. For food, I don’t have a nice encapsulating name but there are still a number of food places which I use as my measuring stick. Like most people, I enjoy going out for a … Continue reading Consistency and Dependibility


It’s been awhile since I’ve got to participate in the ideas presented in my ‘Fun Things to do at Fancy Restaurants‘ post. Fortunately the wait is over as I recently visited Dinner by Heston in Melbourne. In the same order as the aforementioned post, let’s go through the list of things to do: 1. Become a Food Critic of Side Dishes The mashed potato was … Continue reading D!NNER

Fun Things to Do at Fancy Restaurants

It’s a rather interesting phenomenon when you experience silver service for the first time. I’m sure most of us obsess about what clothes we should wear, only to second guess ourselves at the last minute and perform a complete make over. Additionally, more often than not, as this coincides with a special occasion and we therefore put unrealistic expectations on the night. Already a nervous … Continue reading Fun Things to Do at Fancy Restaurants