Standing in the Shower

The clearest ideas often come from standing in the shower. Similar to how checking social media while sitting on the toilet seem to go hand in hand, breakthrough moments of clarity while taking a relaxing shower, appears to be a match made in heaven. These timely moments of clarity are also a great reminder progression and achievement all start with small potentially insignificant episodes which when … Continue reading Standing in the Shower

Happy Endings

Most people at some point wish, or in some cases have actually visualised some aspect of their life as if it was a movie script. Usually this will follow the standard hollywood script. The protagonist will find themselves in a new situation which they have to adjust to. There will be a number of subplots along the way to help the narrative but essentially, the … Continue reading Happy Endings

Half Year Review

With the first half of 2016 now complete, I reviewed my 2016 ‘resolutions’ post – ‘Things I want to say yes to‘ and found the following: 1. Attend the Australian Open (Achieved – although I missed out on Federer). 2. Attend the F1 Race in Melbourne (Achieved). 3. Spend at least a week in the snow (Partially achieved – Ski trip to Korea booked for Jan 2017). … Continue reading Half Year Review

The Secret to Buying Clothes

Clothes are one of the simplest ways of expressing ourselves. In most cases these expressions revolve around sentiments such as freedom, success or individuality. Yet, if both of these statements are true, then why do we all have purchases we regret? In many cases, the answer probably includes the phrase ‘because it was on sale.’ This is where we have made our first mistake. The simple reason … Continue reading The Secret to Buying Clothes

The Happiness Equilibrium

Everyone knows that as we get older, life gets infinitely more complicated. With each ‘milestone’ comes another dimension which gives rise to another set of situations where the decisions you make, will ultimately leave us feeling compromised and not entirely happy. However, if you can follow and achieve what I am going to dub The Happiness Equilibrium, you may just be able to escape this fate. So … Continue reading The Happiness Equilibrium

Finding Your Serendipity

Since the end of its civil war a number of years ago, Sri Lanka is fast becoming the new Vietnam/Thailand as a holiday destination. It’s currently still in its development stage (the Ritz Carton is being constructed as we speak), which is why if you’ve ever fancied experiencing a place prior to a full ‘western tourist’ make over, Sri Lanka would have to be up there … Continue reading Finding Your Serendipity