Which is More Important, Gender Equality or Diversity?

I’ve written this post to question whether I’m being overly sensitive or right in taking a hard stance in the face of adversity. Gender equality and diversity are currently the two biggest social challenges being tackled by industry. This is something I thoroughly support and believe is a long overdue correction which is necessary in all walks of life. Notably, my observations from scrolling through sources … Continue reading Which is More Important, Gender Equality or Diversity?

Developing Cornerstones

I recently finished watching the HBO show Westworld. I have to comment on what an emotional journey it was. With its many plot twists, this show was as captivating as it was great at projecting key messages. Also the fact this was accomplished as a Western – a genre I’m generally not a fan of, is quite remarkable. Warning: This post contains major spoilers from the show. … Continue reading Developing Cornerstones

Standing in the Shower

The clearest ideas often come from standing in the shower. Similar to how checking social media while sitting on the toilet seem to go hand in hand, breakthrough moments of clarity while taking a relaxing shower, appears to be a match made in heaven. These timely moments of clarity are also a great reminder progression and achievement all start with small potentially insignificant episodes which when … Continue reading Standing in the Shower

Being Interesting

I went to a mentoring seminar recently which was about how to find the right kind of mentor. I generally like to go to these kinda of events more for the networking opportunities than the actual content. However, I found this session particularly interesting because the presenter, Dan didn’t make the session about how to create a master and apprentice situation (despite the best efforts from the audience to … Continue reading Being Interesting

Happy Endings

Most people at some point wish, or in some cases have actually visualised some aspect of their life as if it was a movie script. Usually this will follow the standard hollywood script. The protagonist will find themselves in a new situation which they have to adjust to. There will be a number of subplots along the way to help the narrative but essentially, the … Continue reading Happy Endings

King Eric

I’ve always been intrigued by unabashed arrogance and when it is coupled with brilliance (of the ‘legendary’ Barney Stinson kind), I just can’t get enough of it. This is why like so many other Manchester United fans, I am still captivated by the likes of Eric Cantona (a.k.a King Eric). His influence and wealth of ‘legendary’ moments during the 90’s were such that even today the … Continue reading King Eric