Being Interesting

I went to a mentoring seminar recently which was about how to find the right kind of mentor. I generally like to go to these kinda of events more for the networking opportunities than the actual content. However, I found this session particularly interesting because the presenter, Dan didn’t make the session about how to create a master and apprentice situation (despite the best efforts from the audience to … Continue reading Being Interesting

The Happiness Equilibrium

Everyone knows that as we get older, life gets infinitely more complicated. With each ‘milestone’ comes another dimension which gives rise to another set of situations where the decisions you make, will ultimately leave us feeling compromised and not entirely happy. However, if you can follow and achieve what I am going to dub The Happiness Equilibrium, you may just be able to escape this fate. So … Continue reading The Happiness Equilibrium

Things I want to say “Yes” to

The start of 2016 is essentially the time for you to make new years resolutions and etc etc. Cliche is cliche but it does have it’s uses. I feel it is important because as I enter the 2nd year of my quarter life crisis, 2016 brings to light an interesting quandary; one I find quite troubling. The reason for these feelings is that 2016 brings … Continue reading Things I want to say “Yes” to


Expectation is a funny word as it can mean many things. A lot of us associate it with success and how success is expected not something you could consider. Many of us understand ‘expectation’ when it’s a well worn path such as the big 3 things in life; job, marriage and kids. However, what I find interesting is when people feel the weight of ‘expectation’ … Continue reading Expectations