The Secret to Buying Clothes

Clothes are one of the simplest ways of expressing ourselves. In most cases these expressions revolve around sentiments such as freedom, success or individuality. Yet, if both of these statements are true, then why do we all have purchases we regret? In many cases, the answer probably includes the phrase ‘because it was on sale.’ This is where we have made our first mistake. The simple reason … Continue reading The Secret to Buying Clothes

Sale Optimisation

Boxing Day or realistically any other designated sale day is often a great time to add to your wardrobe. However, despite the obvious benefits that you could potentially realise, there are many reasons why you would want to avoid this time of year all together. With all the crowds who push, shove and have no regard for personal space, it makes sense why one would not … Continue reading Sale Optimisation

A Second Round of Expectations

Paris. Many people say you either love it or hate it. I probably fall into the ‘love it’ column, simply because it’s a city I would always go back to. There are obviously many highs of Paris (e.g. Tour Eiffel) and yes there are unavoidable lows (Paris is comparatively dirty to London). Yet this generally isn’t a problem for places that you haven’t built up such … Continue reading A Second Round of Expectations