Niseko vs. Hakuba

As it is a Sunday, I thought I’d take on a lighter tone from the more serious posts of the last few weeks. It seems that my most popular posts are essentially sarcastic rants about materialistic luxury items (see ‘Favourite Luxury Items‘ and ‘How to Dress Cool‘). This makes me wonder if the reason they are so popular is because it’s; A) Actually funny B) … Continue reading Niseko vs. Hakuba

Finding Your Serendipity

Since the end of its civil war a number of years ago, Sri Lanka is fast becoming the new Vietnam/Thailand as a holiday destination. It’s currently still in its development stage (the Ritz Carton is being constructed as we speak), which is why if you’ve ever fancied experiencing a place prior to a full ‘western tourist’ make over, Sri Lanka would have to be up there … Continue reading Finding Your Serendipity